LiftSeat® Powered Toilet Lift™


The OnCare® LiftSeat® Powered Toilet Lift™ features LiftTek™ core assistive technology that reduces physical force required by patients and caregivers to complete the sit-to-stand motion of getting on and off the toilet. Used as either an over-the-toilet or mobile bedside commode, this innovative toileting solution gradually controls the elevation of the patient, greatly reducing the risk of orthostatic hypotension that often leads to patient falls and caregiver injury. Furthermore, toileting challenges related to sternal and hip precautions are more easily followed.



Designed to comply with today's taller ADA toilet height and increased weight requirements, the large, swivel locking wheels of the LiftSeat lock in place over the toilet to provide a stable, height-adjustable transfer solution for the bathroom.

Portable Commode

With the patent-pending drop-in commode bucket, the LiftSeat offers a portable, reliable motorized bedside commode solution.

Grab Bars

Removable grab bars swing open to provide greater ease of access for standard and bariatric patients.

Flat Transfer Seat

Wide, ergonomic, easy-to-clean transfer seat is built flush to the seating platform base.

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LiftTek™ Core Assistive Technology

LiftTek Core Assistive Technology replicates a healthy person’s motion path of rising vertically, moving forward, and tilting, all in one fluid motion, while limiting hip flexion less than 90 degrees. LiftTek is the result of ground-breaking research and product development focused on the biomechanics, kinematics and human factors related to toileting.

Clinical Applications

  • Bariatrics
  • Orthopedic recovery and rehabilitation
  • Advanced neuromuscular disease
  • CVA
  • Severe knee and hip arthritis
  • Oncology, related to weakness
  • ICU
  • Geriatrics, related to weakness and balance

Power Options

AC Power: Control Box delivers 24V DC output voltage (to motor), main input voltage 110-120V AC (medically approved), connected to GFI outlet.

DC Power: Control Box delivers 24V DC output voltage (to motor), IP 65 rated, with acoustic battery alarm @ 50% usage, high-capacity 24V DC battery, 1 x 2.9 A, IP 65 rated (medically approved).

Charging Unit: Four-hour charging cycle after initial 24-hour charge, main input voltage 110-120V AC.

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