Rest-Q® Mattress

The OnCare® Rest-Q® mattress provides body absorbing comfort and pressure redistribution. The ultra-soft portions of the mattress allow the patient’s body areas that are more prone to breakdown to virtually float between the mattress’ supportive materials. When compared to costly therapeutic mattresses and surfaces, the Rest-Q® mattress has demonstrated superior pressure redistribution.**


Engineered Foam

Specially engineered foam layers provide targeted support and pressure redistribution

Secure Edges

Optional secure edges help retain patients on the sleep surface

Heel Suspension System

Unique heel suspension system creates a low pressure environment

Resilient Top Cushion

Highly resilient top cushion adds durability for years of effective therapy

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Standard Features

1. Vapor proof, shear-reducing top cover

2. High-resiliency top cushion

3. Upper torso support

4. Pressure redistribution centerline

5. Extra support beneath the hips

6. Firm base layer provides support and helps prevent bottoming out

7. Heel suspension system

8. Ultra-firm perimeter support


*Customized sizes and removable bolsters available.

** Contact UHS for test data and studies
Note: Rest-Q® is a registered trademark of Comfortex, an Avatar Enterprises Inc. Company